Stiltz the Musical

Music & Lyrics by Deborah Johnson • Book & Additional Lyrics by Paula Miller

“…terrific tunes, upbeat and bright, cute and fun fare that will keep you engaged and laughing!”  -Broadway-World Review, Don Grigware

“…a tale for the whole family” -Tolucan Times

“…bright, witty and charming musical”  -LCP

“…you will be tapping your feet!”

“…magical story…” Fontana Herald News

Stiltz Musical Vocal-Piano Deborah Johnson
Stiltz Musical Story Page-Deborah Johnson
Stiltz Vocal Score-Deborah Johnson

Piano/Vocal Score 144 pgs. Vocal Score 86 pgs.


A Modern Rumplestiltskin, reminiscent of the “Rumplestiltskin” classic, features Lacey as the damsel in distress.  In three separate days, she is imprisoned in Office Number Seven by the evil Mr. Devlin and ordered to raise money to save her dad, a well-meaning dreamer whose ill-fated schemes have placed them in Devlin’s clutches.  Lacey is saved, it seems, by a mesmerizing computer whiz, who raises the funds to save dear old dad.  In return, Lacey must sacrifice her heirloom jewelry, an emerald ring and antique cameo.  All seems lost when the computer whiz, Stiltz, returns to claim Lacey for his bride. How will she escape her pact with Stilts and win the heart of the man she truly loves?  Like the young woman in the “Rumplestiltskin” tale, she must expose Stiltz’s true identity to save her future.

What do audience members think of STILTZ?

LACEY MILLER: A young single woman, post-college age

MALCOLM MILLER: Lacey’s father, a middle-aged, well-meaning inventor

ANN: Lacey’s trusted friend and sidekick

STILTZ: Nerdy computer technician, undistinguishable age

MICHAEL HATFIELD: A young man, post-college age, company executive

RICHARD DEVLIN: Slightly older man, ruthless company executive

LOIS: Exacting, loyal secretary, undistinguishable age

JOE: Ann’s boyfriend

DETECTIVE: Official looking for a suspect

SPEAKER ONE: Participant at Karaoke sing-along

SPEAKER TWO: Participant at Karaoke sing-along

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